Building with PGN

Building with PGN

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Why build with PGN?

Support public goods

Simply put, if you deploy your dApp on PGN, you are helping fund public goods. The vast majority of net sequencer fees goes to funding public goods and public goods projects, and because PGN is an OP chain, it has the same security and speed as OP mainnet. In the future OP will be building interoperability among the Superchain participants. This means seamless bridging and interaction between chains like PGN, Base, OP Mainnet, and more.

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Contract Secured Revenue (CSR)

In the future, PGN will enable CSR to support developer’s need for sustainable revenue sources as well.

Contract Secured Revenue allows smart contract developers to claim a percentage of all transaction/gas fees paid by users when interacting with their smart contracts. This means that the more dApps that build on PGN and the more users that engage with those dApps, the more revenue that will be generated for both the developers deploying those dApps, and for Public Goods.

The following Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) proposes the introduction of CSR on EVM-based L2s (such as PGN) which would provide smart contract developers who deploy on L2s access to revenue streams and/or public goods. (opens in a new tab)